Although there is no expiry date for your Work at Heights Safely licence (Unit of Competency RIIWHS204A), it is recommended by the Working at Heights Association (WAHA) and other industry bodies that you refresh this training every 2 years to stay competent and up-to-date with any changes.

Do You Need a Working at Heights Ticket in Perth?

Completion of a Working at Heights course is mandatory for individuals working at heights of 2 meters or higher, as per the Safe Work Australia Regulation. While the Construction and Engineering sectors are the most common industries requiring this training, individuals performing tasks such as using ladders, working on elevated surfaces or roofs, and working in areas with uneven surfaces featuring drops or holes of 2 meters or more should also receive training.

Extra qualifications are necessary in certain situations. Those who are presently employed or looking for employment in the fields of dogging, rigging, or scaffolding must possess both Working at Heights Training and a High Risk Work Licence. The High Risk Work Licence is valid for a maximum of five years, and it can be renewed or applied for again through WorkSafe WA.

Working at Heights Tickets in fact, do not expire

For working at heights of 2 metres or above, such as on ladders, roofs, or elevated surfaces, it is necessary to have completed a 1 day Working at Heights Training. This training does not expire, but it is suggested by WAHA and the industry that it be renewed every 2 years. Although this work can be hazardous, a High Risk Work Licence is not mandatory. However, those in Dogging, Rigging, or Scaffolding roles must have a HRW Licence and current Working at Heights Training.